Located in Pottstown, PA, the Micro-Coax headquarters facility and its sister division, Kroll Technologies, has allowed the company to significantly enhance its research, manufacturing, administrative, and control capabilities, and provided the room for expansion needed to accommodate the company’s steady growth.

The 92,000-sq. ft. facility, built to Micro-Coax’s specifications, includes a Class 10,000 clean room facility for manufacturing, testing and packaging space-qualified assemblies. Other test capabilities include RF Shielding, SEM, EDAX and XREF analysis, Real-Time X-Ray, RoHS testing, micro-sectioning, tensile and hardness testing and live Thermal Testing. Inspection capabilities include vision measurement systems, measuring microscopes and optical comparators.

Additionally, since 1990, Micro-Coax operates a Joint Venture in partnership with Rosenberger in the United Kingdom. Rosenberger Micro-Coax, LTD has a sales office in Aldermaston and a 12,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Blackburn near Manchester.

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