Quality Assurance

Micro-Coax enjoys an outstanding reputation for quality throughout the industries it serves and is registered for ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C. Additionally, all soldering activities comply with J-STD-001ES and NASA-STD-8739.3.ISO / AS Certificate of Approval

Micro-Coax can provide certification of RoHS compliant products, WEEE analysis of products and information on REACH compliance.


1.0 Micro-Coax (MC) Standard

  • 1.1
  •  Micro-Coax, Inc. will not make any changes that cause an exception to be taken to a customer drawing without customer acknowledgement.
  • 1.2
  •  Micro-Coax, Inc. maintains the right to make design and/or changes to components used in end-item assembly as long as form, fit or function of the end item assembly is not impacted.

2.0 Additional Configuration Control Requirements (Beyond MC Standard)

  • 2.1
  •  If additional configuration control of customer product is required beyond MC’s standard, this should be indicated at the time of quote. Additional charges may apply depending on the required level of control.
  • 2.2
  •  If additional configuration control beyond that provided by MC’s standard is not invoked until time of order (ex. via quality clause), additional charges not reflected on the original quote may apply.
  • 2.3
  •  If a higher level of configuration control is agreed upon, Micro-Coax will notify and/or seek customer approval for any applicable changes impacting open orders.

3.0 Limitations to Configuration Control

3.1 Only customized items can be configuration controlled. Micro-Coax business systems cannot support configuration control of the following items and conditions:

    • 3.1.1
    •  Standard product and web-store purchases. (Only customer-specific end items can be configuration controlled.)
    • 3.1.2
    •  Manufacturing equipment and suppliers. (Micro-Coax has internal qualification procedures for new equipment and suppliers to ensure interchangeability.)
    • 3.1.3
    •  Tooling (unless specifically controlled in a Micro-Coax Process Identification Document (PID)).
    • 3.1.4
    •  Specific Operators/Personnel.

3.2 When additional Configuration Control is invoked and unless otherwise agreed upon explicitly in contract, Customer Configuration Control will be limited only to changes to the end item being procured by the customer. Changes to lower level components (eg. tolerance changes) which do not impact the end item’s form, fit, function or reliability can be made by Micro-Coax without customer notification.