Micro-Coax combines a strong technical knowledge of materials performance in various operating environments with a meticulous analysis of our customers’ application needs to deliver affordable and innovative products. Micro-Coax’s products provide outstanding solutions in a variety of industries around the world.

Micro-Coax cables and cable assemblies can be found in Fighter Jets, UAVs, Guidance Systems, Radar Systems, Missiles, Satellites, WiFi Modems, Tablets and Test Equipment.


Micro-Coax’s strong heritage in the space industry dates from the 1960’s space program to modern day satellites.


Micro-Coax specializes in designing, developing and producing customized cable assemblies for large DOD contractors. Our capabilities and capacity support the rigorous documentation, program management and reliability demands of this industry.


Micro-Coax cable assemblies are deployed on some of the most demanding programs, such as the F/A-22, JSF and Global Hawk aircraft.

Test & Measurement

Micro-Coax’s Test & Measurement expertise includes Electrical, Environmental, Shielding & Vibration applications.


Building on our success in the high volume, cost sensitive telecommunication market, Micro-Coax continues to produce high quality coaxial cable solutions for a wide range of wireless applications.