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Micro-Coax Expands High-Vacuum Test Capability

Chamber Now Has Ability to Test Cable Assemblies at Intermediate Altitudes

December 12, 2012 (Pottstown, Pa.) – Micro-Coax announced today that its on-site high-vacuum chamber has been modified to enable the testing of cable assemblies at intermediate altitudes. Installed in 2007, the high-vac chamber has been used to perform space-altitude testing for quality control in satellite cable assemblies. Since then, Micro-Coax has recognized that its aerospace customers now manufacture aircraft capable of reaching near-space altitudes, creating a new need for testing. As the chamber was previously designed, testing at these intermediate pressures was impossible. With the latest round of modifications, however, testing can be done to ensure the quality of Micro-Coax’s cable assemblies at any altitude from sea-level to space. “With the recent modifications to our vacuum chamber, we have made our testing capabilities far more versatile,” said John Lewis, Technical Director at Micro-Coax. “We’re constantly improving all aspects of our testing capabilities and exploring new methods for improving our products to provide greater service to our customers.”

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