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Micro-Coax Adds Triaxial Test Set-up to Evaluate Surface Transfer Impedance

Micro-Coax Has Capability to Test at Low Frequency Ranges

March 13, 2013 (Pottstown, Pa.) – Micro-Coax today announced that it has implemented triaxial testing to evaluate surface transfer impedance at both high and low frequency ranges. The testing is performed in accordance with both the IEC 62153-4-3 for cables and braids and the IEC 62153-4-7 for connectors standards. Triaxial testing allows for low frequency testing of cables, braids and connectors down to the kHz range. This can be critical in applications where multiple cables carrying various signals are run in the same area. Additionally, Micro-Coax has the ability to test at high frequency using the mode-stirred reverberant chamber technique. Both testing methods ensure consistent and repeatable test results. “We are excited to now have the capability to test at both low and high frequency ranges ,” said Dan Schettler, Product Specialist at Micro-Coax. “The fact that we have implemented triaxial testing is testament to Micro-Coax’s dedication to producing quality cable assemblies on a consistent basis.”

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