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Micro-Coax Adds SEM Microscope to Improve Focus on Reliability

Microscope enables company to locate and analyze potential defects in cables and connectors

May 1, 2012 (Pottstown, Pa.) – Micro-Coax today announced that it has added a new scanning electron microscope SEM to ensure it produces the highest-quality products available. A SEM produces images by scanning a sample with a focused electron beam. Electrons then interact with electrons from the sample; in turn that produces signals that contain information about the sample’s surface composition and topography. SEM can achieve resolution in excess of one nanometer and specimens can be observed in both high and low vacuum environments, as well as in wet conditions. The microscope, a JEOL 6010LA, will be used by Micro-Coax to find a potential defect in a cable or connector – including corrosion and what’s known as foreign object debris (FOD) – and analyze the situation. The microscope also has the ability to measure chemical content and provide periodic table analysis. “We can take our product analysis to the highest level possible,” said Matt Brown, Plating Engineering Manager at Micro-Coax. “Not many our our competitors have equipment this sophisticated.”

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