Micro-Coax provides the world’s best integrated cable assembly solutions. We understand that RF connectors are only as good as their interfaces unless they provide rugged support and captivation for their cable connection. We also know that microwave cable is equally dependent upon the materials and processes used to prepare and assemble it to its connectors. This is why we design and manufacture all of our own cables and connectors with the cable assembly in mind.

Micro-Coax applications engineers with more than 100 years of combined experience understand the importance of getting signals from point A to point B in the most reliable and stable manner over the most demanding environmental conditions.

Whether the need is for the best possible return loss (VSWR), phase tracking, signal isolation, weather sealing, thermal vacuum or just a plain tough rugged assembly, our applications engineers will work with you to optimize a solution to your needs.

Alternately, our field representatives or applications engineers will guide you through the use of our webstore, for ultra-fast delivery of customized cable assemblies. This webstore has the industry’s first fully automated cable assembly configurator for quoting and order entry 24/7/365. Place an order and often it is delivered in 2-3 days.

At Micro-Coax, you get performance and reliability. Every time.

  • Manufactured from the broad UTiFLEX family of cables, UTiFLEX flexible cable assemblies provide unsurpassed electrical performance and mechanical reliability for any microwave application ranging from test hook-ups to the most strenuous military and space applications.
  • Space Flight
  • Micro-Coax has a rich heritage of providing high reliability light weight cable assembly solutions for in-orbit spaceflight applications for over three decades.
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Micro-Coax ultra-lightweight cable assemblies manufactured using Aracon fiber lightweight shielding offer an ideal transmission line alternative when reduced mass is paramount and performance still critical.
  • Semi-Rigid
  • Micro-Coax manufactures precision semi-rigid coaxial cable assemblies formed and/or phase matched to exacting tolerances for the most demanding high volume or technical requirements.
  • Delay Lines
  • Micro-Coax delay lines provide highly reliable short delays in RF and Microwave systems. Using semi-rigid and or flexible coaxial cables, our custom delay lines offer an unbeatable combination of high performance, low cost and quick delivery.
  • Fabricated
  • Micro-Coax fabricated semi-rigid cables come pre-bent and/or with precision stripped leads ideal for mounting directly onto PCB’s or surface-mount connectors.
  • Harnesses
  • Micro-Coax RF and microwave harnesses combine multiple UTiFLEX assemblies into a single easy to connect package using custom “Module-port” housings or industry standard M38999 shells.