Delay Lines

Micro-Coax understands that coaxial delay lines operate in many environments from cellular base stations to airborne electronic warfare systems and must thus provide long term electrically stable performance in a mechanically compact and rugged package. We manufacture custom delay lines using both our flexible and semi-rigid cable product lines depending upon performance, configuration, mass and affordability requirements. Sometimes we even integrate our UTiFLEX® and semi-rigid cables into a single delay line to optimize signal performance and installation constraints. Our delay line philosophy is to solve specific coaxial delay needs with custom engineered products delivered quickly to perform reliably throughout the mission life of the system. As a starting point, we recommend designers consider the following:

  • Consider designing delay lines in a circular configuration. This provides the most economical and consistent delay line package facilitating repeatable manufacturing and enabling precise connector locations to be easily achieved.
  • Consider specifying length electrically in lieu of physically, since the physical length for a specified electrical length may vary. We recommend tolerances in terms of pico-seconds or electrical degrees and we recommend establishing forming areas for cable and leads.
  • Consider using Micro-Coax low-loss (LL) or ultra-low-loss (ULL) dielectrics for systems with tight phase tracking requirements over temperature. These products provide significantly improved stability over standard solid core semi-rigid or semi-flexible cables.
  • Consider integrating high performance UTiFLEX leads to the ends of a semi-rigid delay line thus eliminating the need for lead forming and improving the ease of installation.
  • Finally, we recommend that customers consider delay lines throughout the system design process. Delay lines with long and complicated rigid leads can become expensive, difficult to ship and ungainly to assemble.

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