UTiFLEX Flexible
Cable Assemblies

For any application from high performance flexible interconnects for microwave systems to rugged everyday test leads, UTiFLEX® flexible microwave cable assemblies manufactured by Micro-Coax provide unsurpassed performance. All UTiFLEX assemblies are constructed using a low or ultra low density PTFE dielectric coupled with fully shielded outer conductors which together offer excellent loss characteristics, outstanding phase stability, and superb flexibility compared to standard flexible cables – all without sacrificing mechanical integrity.

Micro-Coax also understands that the most reliable microwave cable assembly requires not only the best microwave cable, but also fully integrated connectors. This is why we have chosen to design and manufacture our own line of high performance microwave connectors specifically for UTiFLEX cable. Micro-Coax connectors are much more than matched interfaces. Our overall connection philosophy utilizing a team of dedicated engineers and the most sophisticated design tools to optimize the electrical and mechanical integrity of the connector as part of a complete cable assembly. While Micro-Coax can use vendor specific connectors where absolutely required, we recommend high performance Micro-Coax connectors wherever possible. This will result in the ultimate UTiFLEX cable assembly package.

For fast delivery of many standard UTiFLEX cable assemblies, we suggest you visit our Webstore. This is the first and still only online store in which customers can receive a quote and place an order for completely customized UTiFLEX microwave cable assemblies and receive them on dock in a week or less, 24/7/365. For 2013, the Micro-Coax webstore has several new features and webstore orders carry the added benefit of pricing discounts of up to 25%. WEB STORE

For engineered solutions to the most complex integration scenarios including many armoring options, the Micro-Coax applications engineering team can help to select the best combination of affordability and performance. In addition to the dedicated Space Grade and Lightweight Assemblies described herein under separate tabs, UTiFLEX cable assemblies come in several variants as follows to meet specific application needs:

MINIATURE: General purpose microwave cables designed to offer superior electrical performance in the smallest possible package for fixed installations. These cables provide an affordable alternative for systems that cannot tolerate the lower performance of RG cable assemblies or the cumbersome design consideration required for semi-rigid cable assemblies.

LOW-LOSS: The most versatile microwave cable family offered by Micro-Coax. These cables have outstanding mechanical durability without sacrificing insertion loss, phase stability or VSWR (return loss). Low-Loss cables are readily available, moderately priced and suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from test leads to military systems.

ULTRA-LOW-LOSS: Provide extremely low insertion loss and optimized electrical stability to meet the most demanding system requirements. Mechanically sized to common frequency bands (18 GHz, 26.5 Ghz, 32 GHz, and 40 GHz), these assemblies utilize an ultra-low-density PTFE dielectric that ensures unbeatable phase and insertion loss stability over both temperature and bending extremes. For phased arrays or any application requiring electrical repeatability, choose Ultra-low-loss UTiFLEX.

MKR RUGGEDIZED: MKR represents the best in Micro-Coax technology. Using Ultra-low loss UTiFLEX microwave cable as a base, MKR adds an additional highly flexible and abrasive resistant ruggedization. The resulting integrated product becomes an ideal choice for test labs or any testing environment requiring excellent mechanical strength and long term reliability. The MKR test cables have passed strenuous lifetime qualification testing to insure long term reliability.

EXTERNAL ARMOR: Most UTiFLEX assembly types listed above (except the MKR) are available with additional armoring options. External armor increases the cable assembly diameter, but can also significantly extend life of the cable assembly especially in highly aggressive environments. Click here for information on the most common external armor types. For more information on armor, contact Micro-Coax applications engineering