For airborne applications such as UAV’s and LTA (lighter than air) craft, Micro-Coax offers a series of lightweight cable assemblies. These cables designated the “UFJ” series combine the rugged construction of our ultra-low loss UTiFLEX® with the proven heritage of our space flight ARACON® silver plated fiber shield to offer unprecedented savings in mass while maintaining Micro-Coax’s famous reliability and performance advantage. Sized to match our “UFB” series of ultra-low loss cables, the UFJ series employs the same connectors and cable assembly techniques for quick delivery and repeatable performance. Mass savings varies by cable diameter, but generally equates to approximately 20% over standard cables of the same size. This differential can prove significant if many long runs are required or in a phased array. The base level ultra-lightweight part numbers include UFJ205A, UFJ142A and UFJ088D, but other constructions can also be manufactured. Ultra-lightweight cables are available only as cable assemblies built to exacting Micro-Coax standards. Contact a Micro-Coax Applications Engineer to discuss ultra-lightweight solutions to your performance problems.