Coaxial Cable Overview

Micro-Coax offers a full range of coaxial cable solutions. Today, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-rigid cable and they are available in bulk or for custom configuration. Micro-Coax also offers various Hand Formable and flexible cables for a wide range of applications and industries.

  • Flexible Coaxial Cable
    For applications requiring the coaxial cable to fit into a tight space without performance loss, utilizing a flexible coaxial cable is often the best solution. Micro-Coax provides two product lines: M-FLEX® and UTiFLEX® to support just about any flexible microwave cable need. The UTiFLEX family of flexible cables is available in a wide variety of styles, from low loss and ultra-low-loss, to high-flex-life, and phase-stable cables for vector signal analysis. M-FLEX cables are intended for static installations and are supplied in long continuous lengths, which make them ideal for automated cutting and stripping equipment.
  • Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable
    Micro-Coax Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable offers more options than any other cable. Cables with a large range of impedances, diameters, materials, and finishes are available for immediate delivery. Semi-rigid cable comes as close as possible to the ideal coaxial cable and should be the first choice by any RF/Microwave Engineer.
  • Hand Formable Coaxial
    Hand Formable coaxial cables, also known as handformable, occupy a position between semi-rigid and flexible cables. These cables are good choices when forming at the point of installation is required, but are not designed for repeated flexure. Micro-Coax allows you to select from solid aluminum jacketed cables (Alumiline) or tinned-braided cables (UTiFORM). Both are designed to the same dimensions as many standard semi-rigid cables thus enabling use of all of the same connectors and tooling.