For certain applications, including ones where the requirements demand the coaxial cable fit into a tight space without performance loss, utilizing a flexible coaxial cable is often the best solution. Micro-Coax provides two product lines: M-FLEX® and UTiFLEX® to support just about any flexible microwave cable need.

PLEASE SELECT M-FLEX (available as bulk cable) OR UTIFLEX (only available as part of a cable assembly) FOR PART NUMBERS & PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS
  • uTiflex Cable
    UTiFLEX is a complete line of high performance microwave flexible cables. The entire UTiFLEX product line is constructed using a low or ultra low density PTFE dielectric offering excellent loss characteristics, outstanding phase stability, and unsurpassed flexibility compared to standard flexible cables – all without sacrificing mechanical integrity.

    UTiFLEX is supplied as part of an integrated cable assembly and MICRO-COAX has greatly increased connector reliability through a unique patented connector attachment that withstands mechanical and thermal stresses far better than standard connectors. With UTiFLEX, the connector is no longer the weak link in your flexible cable assembly.

    Please contact us to find out more information or for assistance in using our flexible coaxial cable products.

  • m-flex Cable
    M-FLEX Microwave Coaxial Cables are a family of flexible cables sized to accept connectors designed for semi-rigid cable, thus enabling a wide variety of interconnect possibilities using standard affordable materials. Unlike other single or double braided “RG” type flexible cables, M-FLEX cables are true microwave cables capable of operating to frequencies of 26.5 GHz and beyond.

    Micro-Coax M-FLEX can be purchased in bulk on spools or reels and is designed to match the line size of UT-141A, UT-085, and UT-047 semi-rigid cables, thus enabling use with a very wide variety of standard solder type connectors and stripping machines.

    M-FLEX cables are intended for static installations and are not recommended for applications that require extended flexing like a test lead. M-FLEX cables are supplied in long continuous lengths, which make them ideal for automated cutting and stripping equipment.