*This product is only available as part of our cable assemblies.

The UTiFLEX® family of microwave cables is available in a wide variety of styles, from low loss and ultra-low-loss, to high-flex-life, and phase-stable cables for vector signal analysis. Each one delivers performance comparable to its most expensive competitors, but costs far less.

All UTiFLEX® assemblies have extremely low loss, low VSWR (typically less than 1.25:1 to 40 GHz), and the ability to operate at temperatures from -150° C to +165° C.

They are available with many types of armor, in virtually any length and connector style.

UTiFLEX® space flight cable assemblies are optimized for spaceflight applications. They feature ARACON® ultra-thin fiber as the shielding braid making them 25% lighter than silver-plated copper wire. ARACON is based on DuPont’s KEVLAR® and has a strength five times greater than steel. Insertion loss is as low as 0.2dB/ft at 18 GHz.

They also have an ultra low density PTFE for the dielectric, and a black Tefzel® jacket. If required, cable assemblies are manufactured in our Class 10,000 clean room by technicians who are certified to NASA soldering standards.

In addition, the UTiFLEX® family includes miniature cables that are perfect for applications in the tight confines of PCS and other space-critical systems. They are high-performance alternatives to RG-type flexible and semi-rigid cables.

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  • Our general purpose microwave miniature cable family has been designed to offer superior electrical performance in the smallest possible package for fixed installations.
  • UTiFLEX Low Loss products provide a complete high performance flexible microwave cable assembly family. These cables have outstanding mechanical integrity without sacrificing insertion loss, phase stability, or SWR.
  • UTiFLEX Ultra Low Loss cable assemblies are optimized to provide the lowest insertion loss available in a flexible cable construction up to 18, 26.5, and 40 GHz.
  • MKR represents the best in Micro-Coax technology. Using its industry leading UTiFLEX microwave cable as a base, Micro-Coax then fits MKR with an additional highly flexible and abrasive resistant ruggedization.
  • UTiFLEX Ultralight cable assemblies are optimized for spaceflight applications. With an ARACON® metal clad fiber outer shield, they provide the lightest weight, lowest insertion loss, and best radiation resistance in a flexible cable construction.

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