Hand Formable, also known as handformable, coaxial cables occupy a position between semi-rigid and flexible cables. These cables are good choices when forming at the point of installation is required, but are not designed for repeated flexure. Micro-Coax allows you to select from both solid aluminum jacketed cables (Alumiline) or tinned-braided cables (UTiFORM).

The Alumiline jacket provides 100% shielding and optimized signal performance just like copper jacket semi-rigid while the tinned-braided UTiFORM offers an even more flexible alternative. Both products are built around the same line sizes as standard semi-rigid cables thus enabling use of all of the same connectors and tooling, but each has its own unique advantages.

  • UTiFORM Tinned Braid Cable
    UTiFORM employs a lead-free alloy dipped outer conductor that is excellent for repeated forming. This dipped braid construction enables the user to minimize system installation costs, because cables can be easily configured as they are installed.
    Alumiline can also be formed repeatedly, but offers the added advantage of a solid aluminum outer conductor, which greatly increases the RF shielding performance and reduces the chances of passive inter modulation when compared to UTiFORM. Additionally, Alumiline cables have much lower insertion loss than UTiFORM cables.

Both UTiFORM and Alumiline are available with either a solid or low-loss PTFE dielectric for improved phase stability. When making a choice between these two hand-formable products, consider frequency of operation and overall electrical performance favoring the Alumiline for higher frequency and more critical applications.

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