Micro-Coax consistently applies our extensive technical knowledge and experience with coaxial cable products, materials, performance and applications. Micro-Coax provides the following technical resources to assist our customers.

Application Notes

Determining the correct Microwave/RF signal transmission or EMI shielding solution your application requires is vital to the success of your project. Review our application notes to find out how Micro-Coax’s products remain a first choice for many coaxial cable and EMI shielding specifications

Care & Handling Instructions

Cable assemblies are precision components that require proper use, routine inspection and regular cleaning of the connectors to maintain reliable performance. Read our Care & Handling instructions for guidance on how to extend the life of the assembly and retain accurate, dependable performance.


Micro-Coax provides equations to use for calculating attenuation, characteristic impedance, cable rise time and capacitance amongst others and also the various relevant symbols


Answers to common Micro-Coax coaxial cable, cable assembly, connector and EMI shielding product questions are available for review

Insertion Loss Calculator

Micro-Coax offers an online Insertion Loss Calculator to help determine the type of transmission line solution that best fits your specific requirements


Micro-Coax offers relevant material information based on our strong knowledge of transmission line solutions

Pick and Place Automation

Standards & Specifications

Micro-Coax has an outstanding reputation for quality and provides pertinent information on the standards and specifications related to our products

ISO a/ AS Certificate

This Certificate of Approval confirms that the Quality Management System of Micro-Coax Inc. has met the standards for ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Revision C.